To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.
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The 2015 Season

The New Season is Here

Please take the time to welcome our new Executive Board:

President:          John Ireland

Vice President:   Joe Bucci

Treasurer:          Mike Song

Secretary:          Rob Mandel

Ombudsman:    Paul Farren


We are always looking for volunteers to help with specific tasks. Some are for pre-season, others during the season and a few are for specific events. We will have more on this a bit later.  I will try not to make each communication too long and will hopefully not have too many, but I do believe that more communication is better than less.

We are targeting December 1st as the first day of registration. We are just finalizing some of the details and will release all of the information next weekend. 

We are having some difficulty with our email system and have recently switched to QuickBooks online for more financial transparency. Both changes have their challenges that we are working through.

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall activities. 

More communications coming soon.


John Ireland



It is time. In fact we are a bit behind. Registration usually begins in November. However it has taken us longer than expected to convert our accounting system for better transparency and to arrange for uniforms (it's a number thing). 

There is a registration section on the left hand side of the Association page, Registration. You will find instructions and answers to many of your questions about registering you child in the program. Please let us know immediately if you are having problems by contacting .

As for Uniforms, we expect many of you to keep your uniform from last year. We are planning to use the same style and print. If you are new to the program or need a new uniform due to loss or damage please go to the Uniforms tab at the top of the page for instructions on where to purchase. We normally change our uniform every two years for various reasons and expect that next year will not be any different. 

There are a few new things happening this year that you should be aware of.

  • We are registering by grade for both boys and girls. You will not be placed on a team until after the season begins. Some teams will have tryouts to determine placement.
  • We are looking to hire some outside experienced coaches to help with our coaching staff. It appears that there are too many coaches on the sidelines for several of the teams. CONNY, our parent organization does not allow this.
  • In order to have the best coaching staff possible teaching our players there will be some coaches requirements and evaluations for some grade levels. Of course at other levels we ae still looking for coaches. What is new this year is that we are focusing on helping the coach become a better coach. Parents if you ever wanted to coach lacrisse now would be a good year to begin learning about the game from professional coaches.
  • We are in the process of improving our fields - The Standing Fields Committee along with support from the Lacrosse and Soccer clubs are looking to provide irrigation to upper cox. This will allow us to have a usable field more often and eliminate some filed constraints.
  • We are in the process of erecting a 12X25 foot wall at Long Hill Park to provide extra wall space for practicing stick skills. 
  • For those of you that do not know, last year we erected a scoreboard at Nut Plains and paid a few coaches in areas that we needed extra help.

Everyone always asks about the annual program fees. Fees for the year have been increased slightly from last year for a few reasons including the addition of paid coaches (this is consistent with many other competitive towns), capital projects to keep our fields in good shape for both player safety and overall excellence of the game (no one enjoys a crappy field), and the fact that the last few years we have run at a slight deficit. To give some perspective, when I first enrolled my oldest child in the lacrosse program 10 years ago the fee had recently been increased to $195 per player at the higher levels which included a uniform. After several gyrations of including and not including a uniform the fee is now $150 for each player plus a $25 US Lacrosse fee but does not include a uniform. Including a uniform raises it to $230. This is consistent with other towns. What has changed? Tournament fees have increased, Referee fees have increased, Uniform prices used to be $50 and not $65, we have paid coaches, our annual picnic is no longer a fundraiser but a free event. 

We remain and organization operated by volunteers and we can always use additional help in areas such as helping with equipment, running a fundraiser (yes we still need at least one of those), and managing our schedules (we are in desperate need of a boys scheduler). So, please let us know if you are willing to help us out. We do have people that are willing to train you and provide lots of support. Contact me at and we can find the best way for you become part our our organization.

If you have gotten to this part of this message, I thank you for your diligence and apologize for its length. Now go back to the top and register for what is shaping up to be an excellent 2015 season.

GO Guilford!

John Ireland
President GYLA


by posted 12/02/2014
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