To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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Dear Coach:
Thank you for volunteering to coach!
The following is some key information that you will want to have handy during the season.
Your first order of business is to identify a team manager.  This person will perform a variety of tasks, including email communications with your team, getting volunteers for the turf snack shack, confirming referees, and paying referees at home games.  We will provide specific training and information as needed.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE SEASON WITHOUT A TEAM MANAGER!
PLEASE EMAIL ME THE NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION OF YOUR TEAM MANAGER ASAP ( ).  We will then make sure he or she has the needed access to the website.
You should plan a parent meeting.  This is an opportunity to talk with parents about your expectations, discuss playing time, and talk about your coaching philosophy.  Tim Kesselring or I will try to attend your meeting to answer any questions.  Please let us know the time and date ASAP (the last 15 minutes of practice works great).
GYLA prides itself on communicating with parents.  Communication with your team is essential.  Please post bulletins and send emails regularly about practices and games (assign a team manager if you haven’t done so).
You (or team manager) should enter your practices on the website for the entire season, on the days and locations assigned to you by Tim Kesselring.
Never assume a field is open on a time/day not assigned to you.  If you want to practice at a time or place not assigned to you, please email your request to ( ).
Attached is a two page Medical/Emergency Information list for your team.  There is a plastic sleeve in your medical kit for these pages.  You must have this information with you at all games and practices.
Many players have parents listed as emergency contacts.  However, some do not.  You should also print your roster with parent contact information and have this with you at all games and practices.
Guilford Park and Recreation is in charge of closing fields because of field conditions during the week.  GYLA will make the decision on weekends.
P & R will make a decision around 4:00pm.  You should call 203-453-8134, x301 for a recorded message if you have not heard anything from GYLA (we also have real jobs!).
We try to send notifications to the entire league, but the email system often is delayed at these times.  We also will post a bulletin on the home page, scrolling on top, as soon as we hear of field closings.  You should direct your team to look for updates at
You must notify the opposing team and the referees if you cancel a home game.  If you are playing away, you should be in touch with the opposing coach.  We will provide contact information for referees.  You may have to research opposing team contacts a bit (via their website or sometimes listed on our schedule).
You are free to make a decision to cancel at your discretion (but you cannot overrule a decision by P & R or GYLA).