To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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Harvey Potter Memorial Scholarship Award

Recipient Qualifications

Each year, this award is given to a 7th grade player, from both the girls and boys program, who most strongly embodies the athletic principles of sportsmanship, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence.  


Harvey Potter, a long time Guilford resident, was a truly fine man.  He was an inspiration to thousands of young men and women, on the athletic field and in the classroom.  Harvey was a triple threat athlete at Williams College, excelling in lacrosse, football, and wrestling.  His taught and was head coach at Williams College, Colgate University, and Skidmore CollegeHarvey also founded the lacrosse program at Suffield Academy, which presents the Harvey Potter Award each year to the MVP of the boy’s lacrosse team.  Harvey’s son, Charlie, has been a high school and youth lacrosse referee on the Shoreline for many years.


Award recipients receive a $500.00 scholarship to be used to offset the cost of a summer lacrosse camp, a trophy, and their name will be placed on the Harvey Potter Memorial Plaque which is proudly displayed at the Guilford Parks & Recreation Center.  The Award recipients are announced at the Guilford Youth Lacrosse annual End of Year Picnic.  

Harvey Potter Award Recipients:

2022: Nico Ciardiello and Emmy Votto

2021: Jonah Labbadia-Colón, Cambelle Jacobson, Brody Root, and Ciara Davenport

2019: Tyler Hilgert and Tania Evans

2018:  Scout Climie and Santino Gambardella

2017:  T.J. Gresham and Paige Crowley

2016:  Devyn Kalama and Aedan McDermott 

2015:  Jack Dacey and Catherine Larrow

2014: Megan Johnson and John Delucia

2013: Christion Swan and Elizabeth Heller

2012: Cia Mirrione and Addison Wakeman

2011:  Emma Jewett and Nate Tepley

2010:  Charlie Molloy and Catherine Rosadini

2009: Corrine Huhnke and Freddy Trotta 

2008: David Cooper and Patrick Saunders and Natalie Bruneau

2007:  Leigh Rooney and Andrew Weber

2006:  Abby Sullivan and Christian Cataruzza

2005: Adam Dear and Hillary Herr

2004: Holly Davis and A.J. Leary 

2003: Kyle DeBernardi and Allison Bonito