To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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Guilford Youth Lacrosse Association Code of Conduct


In consideration of my participation as a Player or Coach in GYLA or as the Parent/Legal Guardian of a Player in GYLA, I/we acknowledge and agree with the following GYLA Core Values and accept the following GYLA Code or Codes of Conduct applicable to me/us:
The following core values will guide Guilford Youth Lacrosse in programming and play, now and in the future.  GYLA believes its programs have the potential to develop not only lacrosse skills but, more importantly, character values that will benefit today's players in later years and other endeavors.  It's not just about lacrosse.
SPORTSMANSHIP - Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. We will not gloat in victory, and we will be gracious in defeat. We will promote friendship with teammates and opponents alike, and we will respect officials.
RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL - We will treat all others and all players as we would want to be treated and as we would want our children to be treated.  
INTEGRITY - We seek to foster honesty and fair play in accordance with the rules of the game.
EFFORT - Each member of GYLA, whether player, parent or volunteer staff should try to do his or her best.  We recognize that young athletes develop at different rates and stages, and not everyone may have the same ability in any given age group, but everyone can try to perform to the best of his or her ability.
ENJOYMENT - We want the lacrosse experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants. We want each child, at the end of every season, to look forward to playing lacrosse again the following year.
TEAMWORK - We value the strength of learning to work together. Teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by success in the lacrosse experience.  We will not value individual exploits over team success and we will promote trust in teammates over selfish play.
LOYALTY - We are loyal to teammates and to other parents because we understand that teamwork and overall success cannot be achieved without mutual appreciation and a desire for all players to do well and enjoy success.  

I have read and accept the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct and CONNY Code of Conduct, which is appended hereto, and I have discussed them with my child.  In addition to these Codes of Conduct, I will adhere to the following GYLA Parents' Code of Conduct:
I am my child's most influential role model.  I accept my child's participation in youth lacrosse as an opportunity to teach, by my example, the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, effort and respect for others. I will act as I would like to see my child act.   
I will not force my child to participate in lacrosse, but I will support his or her desire to play the sport, including getting my child to practices and games on time and fully equipped.  I appreciate that children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment and that they are playing for themselves, not for their parents.  I will help make it fun for them by behaving enjoyably myself.
I will encourage all players by applauding good play and good effort, whether in victory or in defeat, and reinforce the positive points of the game.  
I know my child wants me to be positive and supportive.  I will not risk embarrassing my child or myself by yelling at players, coaches or officials or by taunting or disturbing other fans.  I agree that booing, profanity and obscene gestures are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
I will not touch any official, parent or player in a threatening, intimidating or challenging manner.
I will emphasize skill development and practices and their benefits for my young athlete, and I will keep games and competition, especially in lower age groups, in an appropriately de-emphasized perspective.
I will become familiar with the rules of lacrosse and support the officials on and off the field.  I will encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the calls of officials.  I know officials try to be fair and correct, and I understand that criticizing them will not help my child learn to deal with bad calls and focus on what lies ahead.  Instead, it may teach children that they may disrespect officials and accept excuses.
I recognize the importance of coaches to Guilford Youth Lacrosse and to my child's development in the sport.  I will trust in their integrity and judgment. I also recognize that if I coach my child or other children from the sidelines that it may conflict or distract from the coaches plan and I should leave this up to the coach. I will communicate with them and will support them, but I will not attempt to pressure or harass them regarding my child's participation, nor will I discuss with any coach the skill, development, play or effort of any child other than my own.
I will stay off the field of play and within areas allowed for spectators, and I will respect team areas as private areas for players and coaches only.

I have read and discussed the CONNY Code of Conduct with my parents, and I accept it.
I am playing lacrosse to have fun and improve my skills, but I understand that in playing lacrosse, I have obligations to my team, my coach, and the officials who run the game.
I will display good sportsmanship at all times.  I will be courteous and respectful to my teammates, coaches, referees and opponents at all times.  I understand that coaches and referees volunteer their time so that I can play lacrosse.
Lacrosse is a team sport, and my team needs me to try my best, just as I want my teammates to try their best.  I will therefore give 100% effort at games and practices, and I will encourage and support my teammates. I will pass the ball to my teammates and always play as a team player. I know this is a team sport and I will be a team player.
I will listen to my coaches and practice hard.  I may make some mistakes, and my teammates might also, but we will all learn from them.
I will attend and be on time for all practices and games, and I will wear the required protective equipment at all games and practices and keep it well maintained.  I will not play with someone who is not wearing protective equipment.
I am responsible for knowing the rules of the game, and I will play by the rules.
I will not argue with referees or players, and I will not complain about any referee's calls.
I will not touch any official, parent or player in a threatening, intimidating or challenging manner
I will control my temper.  I will not swear or use obscene or insensitive language or gestures, and I will not retaliate against another player even if I feel I have been wronged.
I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.  
Travel player, I will attend House League?If I am required.
I will respect the athletic fields and facilities that are made available so that I may play lacrosse, and I will not damage them.
My team and I represent the Town of Guilford and GYLA when we travel to play in a tournament or away game and I understand that any wrongdoing, such as shoplifting, destruction of property, consumption of drugs or alcohol, which occurs in connection with our travel, will not be tolerated.
I understand that playing lacrosse is a privilege and not a right, and I may lose that privilege at any time for inappropriate behavior.   

I have read and accept the CONNY Code of Conduct.  I have also read and agree with the GYLA Core Values, to which I will adhere.
My top priority is to teach the game of lacrosse, not my team's won/lost record. I will emphasize the FUN of the game and of team play, focusing on effort at all times, not wins and losses.
As a coach, I am a role model whose behavior may be watched and followed by my players, so I will act with high moral character and integrity and set a good example for them.  I will teach and practice good sportsmanship and fair play at all games and practices.
I will encourage my players through positive reinforcement, creating an enjoyable and constructive learning experience for them.  My success will be measured by their improvement and their eagerness to play lacrosse again next season.
I will do my best to see that all players get equal playing time each game, although some flexibility in playing time will be allowed in season-ending playoff games where the losing team will be eliminated.  I will provide all players the opportunity to use and develop initiative, leadership, and judgment.
It is my responsibility to know the rules of lacrosse and teach them to my team.  My team and I will abide by those rules in practices and games.
I will respect officials and accept adverse decisions without public display of emotion or dissatisfaction. I will emphasize the importance of proper sideline behavior and maintain self-control at all times.
I will show respect for opposing coaches and players both during and after the game, win or lose.  I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
I will not touch any official, parent or player in a threatening, intimidating or challenging manner.
I will not use obscene language or gestures, nor will I tolerate them from my players.
I will never encourage, tolerate or indulge in substance abuse, and I will not use tobacco products or consume alcohol during practices or games or at or around playing sites.
I understand that my team and I represent the Town of Guilford and GYLA when we are playing away.

Parent/Player/Coach Acceptance Signature*
By signing below, I hereby verify that as either a Player, Parent/Legal Guardian of a Player, or Coach I have read and fully understand each of the conditions presented in the Guilford Youth Association, Code of Conduct for participation in all Guilford Youth Lacrosse Association practices, games and tournaments, and I/my child accept(s) and agree(s) to each of the Codes of Conduct, as applicable, and to the penalties/sanctions for violation thereof.
The Board of Directors of GYLA will deal with unacceptable conduct at its sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspension or expulsion, as it deems appropriate. ANY SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A TUITION REFUND.



I wish to participate in Connecticut-New York Youth Lacrosse Association (CONNYLACROSSE) activities.  As a participant in such play, I pledge to:

1. Learn the rules of lacrosse so that I may be a better player, coach, and fan.
2. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating only positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every event.
3. Support the drug and tobacco-free environment that is important for all youth sporting events.
4. Make only supportive comments to all players, coaches, and officials.
5. Remember the field is a classroom and everyone is learning.
6. Focus on the fun and the participation.

I also pledge NOT to:
1. Ever use profanity at a youth event.
2. Criticize the coaches, players, or officials.
3. Touch an opposing player, coach, or game official in a threatening manner.

This contract must be signed by any player, parent, or coach who wishes to participate in any CONNY event. A player's form must be signed by his/her parent(s) or guardian. The signature indicates that the person has read and agreed to this Code of Conduct and knows that the consequences of violating one of these rules include ejection from the event. The CONNY Board of Directors will be notified of the ejection. The Board may decide that the ejectee must appear before the Board to describe the circumstances of the ejection.